West Bengal: Educational institutions will remain closed till 31 July

Educational institutions will remain closed in West Bengal till 31 July

Educational institutions will remain closed till 31 July in west bengal

West Bengal: – All educational institutions in West Bengal will remain closed till 31 July. In view of the situation arising out of the corona virus, the government of the state has closed all educational institutions including colleges, schools and universities till 31 July. 
Educational activities in all educational institutions have been suspended till 31 July by the government.
  However, administrative work will be continue in these educational institutions following the rules of social distancing during this period. The administrative and office work will continue in colleges and universities, following the prescribed protocols and masks and social distancing.

  The Education minister of the state, Parth Chatterjee, says that it has been decided to postpone daily educational activities in these educational institutions. This decision was taken by the department based on the many recommendations. He said that now instead of 30 June, all educational institutions will remain closed till 31 July. The administrative work of educational institutions will continue following the guidelines of COVID-19.

  He said that the remaining exam of class 12 will be according to the prescribed schedule. A detailed information in this regard will be made on June 26 when the Supreme Court will give its verdict on the petition filed on it. He said that they are ready to conduct the remaining exam. But they also have to keep in mind the safety of students. Most of the board exams of class 12th have been completed. Examinations on some subjects are pending. He will announce his decision in this regard on 26 or 27 June.

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