Tips for Inviting Ideas for Impactful Intervention in Food Processing Sector

Tips for Inviting Ideas for Impactful Intervention in Food Processing Sector

1. The contest is open to all Indian Citizens / Institutions residing within and outside India.
2. Entries should be submitted by July 7, 2019, on ‘MyGov Portal or website’.
3. Noticing/Discovery/detection of use of any spurious means / Unfair / malpractices including but not limited to double participation, impersonation etc. during the participation in ‘Inviting Impactful Ideas’ Competition will result in the participation being declared void and null and hence, rejected. The organizers of ‘Inviting Impactful Ideas’ Competition / Contest reserve the right in this regard.
4. The contestants / participant should make sure that his/her MyGov profile is correct/accurate and updated for further communication. This includes details such as name, latest photo, complete postal address, country declaration, Email ID and phone number. Entries with wrong or incomplete profiles would not be considered.
5. There will be no notification to contestants or participants of rejected entries.
6. Ministry of Food Processing Industries reserves the right to cancel or change/amend all or any part of this Competition / Contest and Terms and Conditions / Evaluation Criteria. However, any changes to the Evaluation Criteria/ Terms and Conditions, or the cancellation of the Competition, will be posted on the MyGov platform or portal. It would be the responsibility of the contestants to keep himself/herself informed of any modification or changes in the Terms and Conditions / Evaluation Criteria stated for this Competition.
7. Ministry of Food Processing Industries, if it so decides, reserves the right not to proceed with the contest at any stage and not to give one or all the awards, in case of non-deserving entries.

Technical Parameters for Suggestions

1. The Suggestions should be practical, Original and feasible to implement and relevant to the problem at hand in the sector. It must not be more than 250-300 words.
2. The language for the Suggestions/Ideas could be Hindi/English.

Evaluation Criteria

1. All suggestions received within the due date, will be checked / evaluated by a Selection Committee which would be constituted by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries. The decision make by the Selection Committee will be final and binding on all the participants/contestants. Entries will be judged and selected on the basis of simplicity, originality, relevance to Indian Food Processing Sector and how well it can help achieve higher growth in the sector.
2. The successful suggestions will be duly acknowledged in an appropriate way by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries. However, it will be intellectual property of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries and the contestants/participant will not have any right over it.
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