Ideas for SAIL Caller Tune Competition

SAIL Caller Tune Competition

Eligibility Criteria for SAIL Caller Tune Competition

  • This competition is open to the public at large.
  • The participant must be 14 yrs and above to put in an entry in the contest.

Terms and Conditions of SAIL Caller Tune Competition

  1. There is no entry fee for this competition.
  2. Participants can make multiple entries.
  3. If selected contestant is a minor (i.e. >14 yrs of age but <18 yrs of age) who does not have a bank account, Steel Authority of India Limited will transfer the prize or award money to their guardian’s account.
  4. Submissions will be accepted only through MyGov platform or Portal. No direct entries to Steel Authority of India will be accepted.
  5. No entries will be accepted after the last date of submission.
  6. Entries submitted by you must not violate the publicity rights, privacy rights, copyright or other IPR’s (Intellectual Property Rights) of any person or entity.
  7. Participants may not reproduce in any way any copyrighted material or tune, trademarks, or other proprietary information without obtaining or generating the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights.
  8. By participating, participants hereby unconditionally indemnify Steel Authority of India Limited, affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, agents, representatives and employees from any legal responsibility and proceedings.
  9. Participants agree to unconditionally indemnify and hold Steel Authority of India Limited, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, officers, representatives and employees harmless from any loss, liability, claim, or demand, including attorneys’ fees, relating to any claim made by any third party due to or arising out of your violation of any of the foregoing terms and conditions and any breach of your covenants, representations and warranties set forth above.
  10. Without limiting our rights, Steel Authority of India Limited will terminate all the relations with any contestant and participants who infringes copyright upon our receipt of a notice of infringement from the copyright owner or the copyright owner’s legal counsel.
  11. Prize winning Tune or submission will be property of Steel Authority of India Limited. SAIL shall be free to publicize the winning concepts in the way deemed fit by the organization.
  12. None of the contestants including contest winners shall be reimbursed any charge for any aspect of conceptualization, writing, composing or production of the caller tune.
  13. Once, Steel Authority of India Limited has awarded the selected participant or contestant, SAIL shall not attribute the product name to the participants in any of its advertisements etc.
  14. Submissions which do not meet with the submission guidelines or criteria shall be disqualified.
  15. Steel Authority of India Limited is not liable to give any explanation whatsoever for short listing or rejecting any entry.
  16. Steel Authority of India Limited reserves the right to change contest deadlines and dates due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.
  17. Steel Authority of India Limited reserves the right to use any of the submissions, irrespective of the fact that they are award winning submission or not, in any manner deemed suitable by Steel Authority of India Limited.

Winning Criteria of SAIL Caller Tune Competition

  1. Guideline fulfilment: The entry will have to fulfill the criteria mentioned above in this page.
  2. The caller tune for SAIL can be in Hindi or English, preferably Hindi.
  3. The entry should relate to the attributes mentioned above, though for the sake of creative output some aspects can be omitted in the script at the same time, some other features, attributes, qualities relatable to SAIL and not mentioned above can also be included.

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