Ideas for Coining a catchy name for Ecommerce Portal

Ideas for framing a catchy name for E-Commerce Portal

Tips for Coining a catchy name for Ecommerce Portal
  • The contest is open for all the citizens of India and starts on 27th May from 12:00 hours up to 10th June 2019 till 1700 hours.
  • Participation in this contest/Competition is free of charge and any registration fee or any other fee is not being charged or taken for submission of entries.
  • The entries must be submitted on MyGov platform. (URL:
  • Participants or Applicants can participate in the contest/Competition by registering on the MYGov platform and uploading the suggested name on the creative corner.
  • Participant is too sure and be confirm that his / her MYGov profile is accurate, correct and updated since Ministry would be using this for further communication with the participants. This includes details such as name, Photo and Mobile no., Email id. Entries with incomplete profiles or details would not be considered. The DoP (Department of Posts) reserves the right to cancel or amend all or any part of this contest/Competition and/or the Terms & Conditions / Evaluation Criteria / Technical Parameters. However, any changes to the Terms & Conditions/ Evaluation Criteria/ Technical Parameters or cancellation or any modification of the contest / competition will be uploaded / posted on the MyGov platform. It would be the responsibility of the participants or applicants to keep themselves informed as to any changes in the Terms & Conditions/ Evaluation Criteria/ Technical Parameters stated for this contest.
  • Once submitted for contest / competition, copyright of the ‘Name’ will be with DOP (Department of Posts).
  • Winner will be conferred or awarded with a certificate and cash prize.

Technical requirements

  • You must be the sole owner / author of the copyright of the ‘Name’ suggested and the ‘Name’ must not have been previously utilized or used for any other purpose.
  • The entry must not contain any objectionable, provocative or inappropriate content.
  • DOP (Department of Posts) or MyGov takes no responsibility for corrupted or late entries.
  • The winners consent to the use of their name in any publicity carried out by DOP (Department of Posts), without further compensation.
  • The last date of submission of catchy name is 10thJune 2019 by 1700 hours and the winner will be declared only within 15 (Fifteen) days from this date either through Email or by way of announcing their names on the MyGov blog page.
  • Winners entry will be given cash prize of Rs. 25000/- , 2nd best entry will be given a cash prize of Rs. 15000/- and 3rd one of Rs. 5000/- by GOI (Government of India).
  • There will be no issue of notification to participants of rejected entries.
  • All entries will be judged based on originality, creativity and composition by DOP (Department of Posts).
  • DOP (Department of Posts) reserves the right to reject or dismiss any entry, which it does not feel, suitable or appropriate or which does not confirm to any of the conditions listed above.
  • In case of any copyright issue for the ‘Name’ suggested. It will be the responsibility of the participants or applicants to settle the same. DOP (Department of Posts) would not bear any cost in this regard in case of any dispute at any later stage.
  • Once a winner is declared or announced, the winner will need to revert through confirmation E-mail within Three working days.
  • Any disputes / legal complaints are subject to jurisdiction of Delhi only. Any expenses incurred for this purpose will be borne by the participants or parties themselves.
  • Payment to the award or cash winners will be made electronically through ECS / cheque for which necessary bank details or information will be taken after declaration of winners of the contest.

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