National Water Awards in India. Water is one of the Main components of life. The rapid growth of irrigation, urbanization & industrialization has put stress on water resources. big impact of increase in use of this precious natural resource has led to water scarcity in many regions of the Subcontinent. Nevertheless, the climate change has also resulted in change in hydrologic cycle in the subcontinent. Hence, it is necessary that this scarce resource is protected by effective and efficient management on sound scientific methodology for its sustainable development and enhancement.

The Ground Water Augmentation Awards and National Water Award were launched in the year 2007 with an objective to encourage all stakeholder including the Gram Panchayats, Non-Governmental Organizations, Water User Associations, Urban Local Bodies, Water User Associations, Institutions, Individuals etc. for adopting innovative practices of ground water augmentation by rainwater harvesting and artificial recharge, promoting water use efficiency, recycling & re-use of water and creating awareness through people’s participation in the targeted areas resulting into the sustainability of ground water resources development, adequate capacity building amongst the stakeholders etc.

  Considering the fact that surface water & Ground water are integral part of the water cycle, it is felt necessary to institute unified National Water Awards with the objectives of encouraging the stakeholders to adopt holistic approach towards water resources management in the country.

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